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Aerial Yoga Hammock Set


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What is Aerial Yoga?

So you’ve seen all these gorgeous Instagram images of yogi’s hanging upside down in seemingly impossible positions, and thought “If only….” Well, perhaps now is the time to join the group of twirling crazies, get out of your comfort zone and try an amazing workout with endless physical and emotional benefits.

So, think of Aerial Yoga as a mind-body practice, combining Hatha Yoga, gymnastics, dance, Pilates and circus arts, using a yoga hammock. (Also called a yoga ‘silk’).  Aerial yoga guides you through a sequence of asanas, meditation techniques, tricks and movements, using both the mat and the yoga hammock.

This flowing, graceful discipline has endless benefits, gently stretching your body, quietening your mind and uplifting your spirit.

All it takes to practice aerial yoga,  is a yoga hammock, some solid rigging and a few carabiners, which you can hang it in your home or outside in nature.

This set comes with everything you will need to start flying…

Our Aerial Yoga Hammock set comes with:

  • 1 Aerial Yoga Hammock (Nylon Tricot 40 Denier Silk, width 2,80 m, length 5 m) At 2,8 meters wide, our hammocks are wide enough for a person to lay completely inside the fabric.  Lightweight and breathable, but strong enough to hold up to 200 kg.  Our 5 meter length is suitable for 2,5 m – 3 m high ceilings.
  •  2 Screw Lock Carabiners (breaking load 2500 kg, safe load 500 kg)
  •  2 Daisy Chains (90 cm) – with these extensions it is easier to measure the height of the silk for each person or use when hanging your silk on a beam or tree trunk.
  • 2 Ceiling mounts with 8 x bolts
  • Basic set-up instructions

How to set up your Yoga hammock

  1. Mounting to the ceiling:
  •  First off, we always recommend that rigging be completed by a professional or qualified builder who knows their stuff! Safety first, and even if the instructions seem easy, contact a professional who will know if a) the area you’re drilling into is safe and b) how much weight it can hold.  Not all environments are suitable for aerial yoga!
  • When rigging to your ceiling, the installation depends on the type of ceiling you have. The most common types of ceilings and possible solutions include:
  • Full concrete ceilings: suitable for drilling holes,
  • Wooden beams: suitable for passing the rope around;
  • Steel beams: suitable for passing the rope around,
  • Strength of the bolt 10 mm. Length of ring with bolt – 16 cm
  • Distance between rings 40 cm – 60 cm. Ensure that the bolts are securely fastened to the ceiling.

 2. Hanging on the beam:

  •  2 Daisy chains (length 90 cm) wrapped around the beam and aerial yoga silk is hooked with carabiner.

3.     How high off the ground should an aerial yoga hammock be?

  • You don’t want to be banging your head on the ground during inversions, so basically keep the hammock high enough to keep your head off the ground, and low enough that you can bend over in a forward fold position.
  • With daisy chains, changing the height should be a simple task.

 Aerial Safety:

Your safety should always be the first priority!  Check the mount every time you use this hammock to ensure the rigging is secure and the hammock shows no signs of damage or wear. Please look out for:

  • Fraying on daisy chains (Which can be caused by rough objects such as tree branches)
  • Damage to silk itself
  • Ceiling mounts becoming loose
  • We also recommend using a crash mat underneath your aerial yoga set up.

Caring instructions:

  • Wash one silk at a time in 30°C
  • You may dry it in the dryer, but use a low temperature cycle
  • Do not iron your silk


*Please note that we are not responsible for any injuries or harm caused by the improper installation or use of this product.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 70 × 28 × 18 cm

Purple, Blue

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