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Lavender Scented Eye Pillow – Tribal Sea


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This EXTRA long and EXTRA wide aromatic eye pillow applies very slight pressure and warm sensation while blocking out the light relaxing muscles around the eyes and calming the mind. Our modern lives are built on excessive use of computers and constant stress and pressures at the office. An eye pillow can be applied during or after a day at the office to reduce the effects of eyestrain, computer vision syndrome or help induce an afternoon power nap. It is also very effective in the final relaxation pose at the end of the yoga practice.

  • 100% natural flax seeds
  • 100% natural cotton cover with azo/toxin free dyes
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Lightly scented, with soothing lavender
  • Can be used at room temperature, heated for a few seconds in the mircrowave, cooled in the freezer and refreshed with a few drops of lavender essential oils. 

How to use an eye pillow:

  • Put one over your eyes or on your forehead when you have trouble falling asleep.  The weight of the eye pillow will soothe tired eyes and the scent of lavender has a natural relaxing effect. The eye pillow is amazing in calming the mind resulting in a more restful sleep.
  • Use one at the end of your yoga practice during savasana for ultimate relaxation.
  • Whenever you feel anxious, depressed or stressed any time of day, simply find a restful space place an eye pillow over your eyes

Care instructions

Remove the cover from the pillow, hand-wash very gently in cold water and delicate detergent.

Hang to dry

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