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Red-purple Sandalwood Japamala / Wrist-wrap


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This Tibetan buddhist 216 beads mala was made from smooth aromatic purple/red sandalwood. Hand knotted silk wheel of dharma attached to the guru bead through auspicious jade bead with two sets of 6 prayer counting beads. The 216 beads each have a diameter of 6 mm.

The word Japamala is composed of the Sanskrit terms mālā, which means garland, and japa which means whispered repetition.

Simply stated, mala beads are a set of beads traditionally used in prayer and meditation. They are more than just jewelry, malas are powerful and culturally-rich tools for meditation. We don’t believe you need to be religious or have a spiritual practice to wear mala beads—you can simply wear them as a reminder of personal intention you’ve set, or when seeking a calmer mind, body, and spirit.

Care instructions

With regular use you may also wish to clean your mala from time to time. You can do this by washing your mala in warm water with a mild soap detergent.  Leave the beads to fully dry.

After cleaning you can also rub your mala with coconut oil or sandalwood oil. Oiling will make the beads strong and they won’t dry out.

If your mala is well loved you may also want to freshen up the tassel. One way to do this is by wetting the tassel and gently combing the strands.

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