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How can yoga straps assist me in my practice?

Yoga straps benefits

Yoga straps benefit an already calming form of exercise by adding to its effectiveness. your exercises session can have added value just by adding these straps alone.
yoga straps come in all lengths and are usually made out of cotton or nylon. it is a very important prop, especially for beginners. the main purpose of straps are to help you stay in a stretching pose longer or reach limbs you cannot reach because of your flexibility levels. an example of such a pose is the supta padangusthasana. a yoga strap will help you improve flexibility quicker which will help you advance in yoga.

yoga straps can be used at all levels of yoga and let you to hold your limbs that you might not be able to reach or grasp in a pose as well as assisting you to hold a pose longer. yoga straps are especially helpful in bound poses when your hands cannot reach the other or in poses where you can’t reach your feet. by having yoga strap by your side you can attain the flexibility factor which may be missing in your body structure. they can be used to hold your legs in a trikonasana, stretch your shoulder in the sarvangasana, and a host of other yoga poses.

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