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your guide to holy rudraksha beads

What is rudraksha?

The dried fruit of rudraksha tree is regarded as one of the most famous spiritual symbols of hinduism. in hindu mythology, it is believed that rudraksha is formed from the teardrops of lord shiva (supreme god of destruction and dissolution) and contains the secrets of the evolution of entire cosmos within it. “rudraksha” is formed by association of two sanskrit words, ‘rudra‘ and ‘aksha‘. rudra is another name of lord shiva and “aksha means ‘tear’. rudraksha berry which is botanically know as “elaeocarpus granitrus roxb.” are produced by “utrasum” trees in pocketed himalayan regions of nepal, indonesia, india & may be a few other countries. ancient scriptures, such as ‘shiva purana’, ‘padma purana’ and ‘srimad bhagvatam’ mention the greatness and wonderful powers of the rudraksha. it has been known to have magnetic powers as well.

it is also said to be one of the most auspicious and powerful seeds in this world, which can quash the effects of the malignant planets of a person. the beneficial powers of rudraksha are by virtue of its electrical and magnetic properties. rudraksha beads act as a stabilizing anchor. rudraksha has the ability to change its polarity which is said to not only provide health and spiritual benefits but also act as an anti-aging agent. taking good care of your rudraksha, having a strong faith in its properties and respecting them are the keys to benefitting the most from this holy seed.

Understanding my rudraksha better

the following enables one to understand the divine rudraksha better:

  • mukhis/ faces – rudrakshas are classified on the basis of the number of mukhis or faces it has on its outer surface- “mukhis are the natural clefts or grooves or thread like lines running completely from the top to the bottom of the rudraksha.” each rudraksha represents a lord according to vedic texts and has a different corresponding effect, depending on the number of mukhis on it. for instance, if the bead has eight natural lines then it is a called as eight mukhi or eight faceted rudraksha which represents lord ashtavinayaka (obstacle remover) & is worn by one who faces regular obstacles in life..


  • shape – all the rudraksha from all origins are globular in shape, some are elliptically round in shape (2 & 3 mukhi), some are round in shape (4,5,6,7 & 8 mukhi) whereas some are oval in shape (curve like) (8 to 21 mukhi & above).there is only one rudraksha which is half moon like (crescent shape) & that is 1 mukhi from india.


  • size – the size of rudraksha beads range between 4mm to 45 mm aprox the nepalese rudrakshas are way bigger than the indonesian rudrakshas, the size range of nepalese beads would be 12 mm – 45mm approx & the average size of this origin would be 18mm approx, whereas the indonesian beads are pretty smaller with the size range of 4mm to 30mm & with an average size of 12mm.sometimes indonesian rudraksha is also produced in bigger size (32 mm & above) & they are highly rare in nature.


  • center hole – each and every rudraksha bead has a natural hole in the center, at times the hole is completely developed, at the times the hole may have developed upto ¾ level of the bead, whereas in some cases the hole may have not developed at all but definitely there would be an indication of the hole being there, the hole not being developed is very common in the case of rudraksha beads of very small sizes & of lower mukhis. 1 mukhi (half moon shape) from india do not have a natural hole. each & every rudraksha bead is covered naturally with pulp all around it, on cleaning or pealing of the pulp we find the rudraksha, the procedure of cleaning pealing doesn’t clean the natural hole, so before wearing usually the clearing of the hole is done manually. the natural hole enables us to string & wear the rudrakshas around different parts of our body.


  • body surface – each & every rudraksha bead has mukhis / facets naturally formed on its outer surface. one would find that the outer surface of nepalese rudraksha beads have lot of uneven natural protrusions with very deep & well formed mukhis whereas the indonesian rudrakshas are slightly smoother & their mukhis are not deep & also resemble thread like lines, indonesian rudrakshas with deeper grooves are rare. we also find in nature a different variety of rudraksha beads which are extremely smooth in nature & are called “chikna” beads.


  • number of seed – “the number of seeds in internal of each rudraksha bead will be equal to the number of mukhis that it has on its external structure.” if the number of seeds is not equal to the number of mukhis then there are chances of external manipulation taken place on the outer surface of rudraksha which further can be detected by an expert. this is the closest test to find out the genuinety of a rudraksha, this test also has some limitations as , at times when the rudrakshas are cut open it is noticed that the seeds are not well developed & hence appear like a very minute cavity or like a dot.


  • effects – effects of the rudraksha bead would vary from person to person depending upon the respect, faith the wearer has on it. it is said that regular respective mantra chanting on the bead also increases its effectiveness. before wearing the bead for the first time one should perform rudra abhishek (energize) on the bead for best effects.

What are the positive effects and benefits of wearing a rudraksha?

  • effects of the rudraksha bead would vary from person to person depending upon the respect, faith the wearer has on it. it is said that regular respective mantra chanting on the bead also increases its effectiveness. before wearing the bead for the first time one should perform rudra abhishek (energize) on the bead for best effects.
    medicinal value
    research has proven that rudraksha have powerful electromagnetic, paramagnetic and inductive properties that vary from the different mukhis or facets (the different number of divisions found on the surface of each bead). due to these properties it was found that wearing these beads around the heart reduced and controlled stress levels, blood pressure and hypertension resulting in the feeling of tranquility and calmness. these positive effects were noted by healers in eastern cultures, and they prescribed them to their is remarkable to consider that natural beads of vegetable matter from the rudraksha tree affect the human neurophysiology as described in vedic literature. however recent scientific research has again found vedic knowledge to be scientific terms the rudraksha beads are dielectric as they store electrical energy and they have permanent magnetic properties that change with the different mukhi (facets) beads. the complete list of all the properties found inherent in the rudraksha beads includes electromagnetism, para magnetism, diamagnetism and dynamic polarity or the ability to change polarity

    • when rudraksha beads are worn over the heart and energized through chanting of specific mantras they interface and integrate with the human body at a silent subtle level of consciousness. due to their dielectric and magnetic properties the rudraksha beads initiate and effect positive change in our neurophysiology.
    • the rudraksha effect brings the wearer into the alpha state of present moment living that all spiritual disciplines teach as the path to self empowerment, fearless life, enlightenment and liberation. the alpha state produced in the brain boosts the confidence and inner strength of the wearer significantly and as a result the heart beat, circulation, function of endocrine glands and activity of neurons and respiration is normalized in the physical body.
    • it was proven that wearing of rudraksha controlled heart beat and had a positive effect on blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression, palpitations and lack of concentration.
    • it was also found that rudraksha beads have anti ageing properties based on their electromagnetism.

    generations who have worn authentic rudraksha beads have repeatedly confirmed they have experienced considerable relief from high blood pressure, stress, hypertension and anxiety.

    astrological properties
    it is believed that rudraksha are very influential in removing bad effects of the planets. gems are used specially for removing the bad effects of planets. but if they are unable to pacify the evil influence, it is most advisable to wear rudraksha.

How do i perform a rudra abhishek or energize my rudraksha beads?

rudraksha is an auspicious product & we believe one should energize the same before using it for the 1st time to gain maximum benefits. the energizing procedure is very simple & one need not depend or trust anyone blindly to perform this act. there are many vendors who claim to energize the rudraksha before dispatching which may actually haven’t been done….moreover you are wearing rudraksha for your benefit so it would be great if you do not depend on anyone & take the extra effort to perform this auspicious & simple ritual on your own.

the below mentioned procedure can help you perform rudra abhishek on your own even without the help of a priest. you can perform this process in a lord shiva temple (with permission) or even at your home as per your convenience. we believe that you are wearing rudraksha for your benefit out of your belief, faith & respect, so we personally recommend that it is best if you energize your rudraksha yourself, rather than trusting anyone


  • choose an auspicious day. monday is lord shiva’s day and could be chosen.
  • place the rudraksha on a fresh unused plate.
  • wash rudraksha with unboiled fresh milk and then followed by water & keep chanting the mantra “om namaha shivaye” till you finish pouring milk & water on it.
  • offer incense and flowers & offer prayers for your well being.
  • chant the mantra “om namaha shivaye” minimum of 9 times or in multiple of nine times upto 108 times.
  • after completion of the above described steps take the rudraksha in your hand & thank the lord for giving you the opportunity to wear a rudraksha, pray for your well being, wear your rudraksha chanting “om namah shivaye” 9 times. thereafter, the rudraksha thus becomes divine, and creates a layer of divine armor around its worshipper and bestows prosperity.
  • if possible kindly donate anything as per your desire to a needy person.

“om namah shivaya” mantra energizes the rudraksha when chanted with them. keep the rudrakshas close to your body. rudraksha can also be kept in pooja altar and prayed for benefit of whole family.

How do i clean and care for my rudraksha beads?

A rudraksha bead appears to be very strong externally & can be passed on from generation to generation only if maintained properly, however no one could guess the age of a rudraksha bead as it could even be a few days, months or years. hence, one should also keep in mind that it is a natural product & subject to wear & tear if not handled & taken care of properly it can give way. one should avoid mishandling like throwing the bead / mala or playing with it as its contours might chip off or the bead might crack. here are a few tips that would help to maintain the bead.

  • rudraksha beads being a natural product contain natural oil, which on drying reduces the life of the bead, hence one should see to it that the beads are regularly oiled & free from fungus & insects. soaps, perfumes and excessive water spoils or might reduce the life of the bead by drying its natural oil and penetrating or sticking to it.
  • water is good for the beads but at the same time one should ensure the rudraksha are kept for complete drying as wet beads may attract fungus.
  • dip the beads in luke warm water & soak it for around half hour to 45 minutes.
  • delicately use a fresh / new & unused plastic / fiber bristle brush to clean the dirt and grime that fixes in the pores of the beads. this can be kept as a dedicated brush only to clean auspicious rudraksha beads & nothing else.
  • place the beads on a cloth or newspaper to absorb the excess water & expose it to sun for quick drying. allow it to dry for 1 to 2 days. meanwhile keep feeling the beads & you would get to know if they have dried up completely.
  • when the beads turn completely dry apply some olive oil or sandalwood oil on the beads by using a brush. these oils not only leave a nice soothing fragrance but also maintain the health of the rudraksha.
  • follow with energizing procedure to purify the newly cleaned rudraksha.
  • oiling can be repeated whenever the beads seem dry.

How do i respect for and get the most out of my rudraksha?

  • in order to ensure that you enjoy your rudrasksha to its fullest and ensure it longevity, we have compiled a short list that will guide you in forming a strong spiritual bond with it.
  • anyone can wear rudraksha , without any discrimination of caste, creed or sex
  • as rudraksha beads are extremely holy, maintain their sanctity treating them with respect, care & love.
  • keep them away from any kind of dirt, do not touch it with unclean hands and do not keep in a dirty place.
  • take it off while sleeping & keep in a pouch or a plate in your altar or in any clean or pure place leaving it undisturbed. resume wearing them in the morning after bath and cleansing.
  • one should not interchange their rudraksha with anyone. the mala & its possessor get use to each other & form a bond which should not be disturbed.
  • rudraksha should not be worn while having sex and by women when they are menstruating.
  • rudraksha can be kept in house, office, factory, or any place of work or pooja room (altar) to get positive energy flow in the same premises.
  • meditate with the rudraksha mala by chanting “om namah shivaye” often to form a strong spiritual connection with it.
  • rudraksha should be kept well cleaned and oiled, at least once in two months.
  • rudraksha should be energized before using it for the first time & it is said that one should preferably start wearing it on a monday (since it is lord shiva’s day).
  • never lose faith in rudraksha, it is said that it positively gives effects.
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