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Asoka eco yoga mat – Sage align


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Our stunning sage green eco yoga mat provides you with excellent cushion and grip during your practice.  Use our beautiful body alignment lines as a movement guidance when practicing yoga.  It is made from TPE,  and is free from PVC, Phthalate, Azo, Phenol, latex and other toxins. This yoga mat is recyclable and biodegradable if disposed of responsibly and after many hours of blissful practice.

  • Eco friendly
  • Featuring alignment lines for proper alignment during your practice
  • 61 cm  x 183 cm x 6mm h
  • Ultra-hygienic
  • Pvc- and latex-free
  • Excellent grip* and superior 6mm cushioning
  • Double sided textured design
  • No unnecessary branding that utilise colors/chemicals/dyes

Care instructions

To clean your yoga mat, wipe with a cloth dipped in a mixture of warm water a little mild detergent. Follow by wiping with a clean damp cloth to remove the detergent and then towel dry. Leave to air dry before rolling or using. do not put your yoga mat into a washing machine or tumble dryer

To extend the life of your eco yoga mat, avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight exposure.

While using your eco yoga mat for heated practice, we recommend the use of a towel to shield the yoga mat from excessive moisture and to provide extra grip.

*breaking in your yoga mat

It is very common for a new yoga mat to be slightly slippery and have a less grip in the beginning as it is fresh off the press with the top sealants still present. this reduces with regular use and is called a break-in period. the best way to break-in your yoga  mat is to use it regularly and the slippery surface will become more gripping with increased  use. This normally takes 2-3 weeks of regular use (not once in a week use). You can accelerate this process, by wiping down the yoga mat regularly with a delicate detergent mixed with lukewarm water and hang to dry.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 183 × 61 cm


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